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How it all began or My very first Moleskine®

February 13, 2009

100_7055It was my birthday in 2002; a little parcel arrived from Germany from a friend; to receive a parcel is always a nice thing especially when you don’t know what to expect. So I opened it with pleasure and out came a pocket plain Moleskine®. I did not know in the beginning what little treasure I was holding in my hand and it took a while to realize it.

A notebook, I thought, what could I do with it? I had not heard of Moleskine® before.

We went away for a weekend and I packed it, still unsure of how to use it. During the trip we all wrote little comments in it to document where we were, what he had seen and what we wanted to do. Some of them are really funny when I read them now. And after this not a lot was written in it.

From time to time I got it out again, to list a few things that I wanted not to forget and within a few years it slowly filled up and slowly I got very used to my little Moleskine®. It was with me then most of the time, at work, being out shopping, on trips away and I liked the idea more and more to keep a journal and write things down as they happened and to keep a note of my emotions and feelings. This was the time when I bought my first Moleskine®! It was a ruled large notebook. I still remember opening the foil and laying it in front of me, still unopened, just black with the elastic band holding it together – very simple and most elegant at the same time. I think this was the time when I actually was falling in love with Moleskine®.

I opened it and started my journal with a post of a brother of a friend of ours who had sadly taken his own life a few weeks earlier. I was overwhelmed with my emotions at the time and writing it all down has helped me to cope with the experience. However, after this, no more entries went it. Mainly for 2 reasons: I was afraid that I would not stick to it anyway and secondly because I thought friends and family would disapprove of it (I cannot understand this thought any more today). About one year later I picked it up again and started my journal afresh, still with the thought I better do it when nobody is watching; and now, everybody around is used to me having my black book with me and start writing no matter where I am. Some of the family think it’s an obsessions more suited for a teenager than a grown man, some others believe I constantly write about them (which by the way can be very annoying at times) but I have managed by now to implement a routine with my writing and journaling. And I love it more than ever.

In another post I will write about how my usage of my Moleskine® notebooks has developed and which strategies I have followed and implemented over the years. I have searched the internet for many hours to get some more ideas and I want to share it. There is lots out there and when you start searching then you will find a never ending flood of articles and comments of how Moleskine’s® can be used. I hope you will find my posts inspiring and like my photos of my Moleskine’s®.

I hope to meet you here again soon.


Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

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