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Moleskine® Exhibition

June 16, 2009

20090422-moleskine2pt0-380x294Moleskine, Working Unit and Stepcase Lifehack are organizing the “My Moleskine 2.0 Competition”. I have submitted my hack and it was selected to be shown in Hong Kong this July.

And here is what I have submitted:

After about 2 years using several Moleskines®, I have found the solution that works best for me: one ruled large Moleskine® for my diary and also my journal.

The Diary starts from the front and is set up as follows: page I Name details, insurance details, emergency contacts etc (created as Excel file that can be printed again and again), pII-V Preplanner for 12 months (Excel file that can be updated, 3 months per page), pVI-VII 2 year overview (from, pVII-XVII Notes and References, p1-40 diary with numbered pages.
Each double page equals 1 week – Mon, Tue, Wed on left page with 10 lines for each day; Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun on right page with Sat and Sun “sharing” the last 10 lines on the page.
I schedule about 20 weeks for a start and can extend when needed. The left hand area of each day s used for appointments and the right hand area of each day is used for action items or MIT (Most Important Tasks) for that day.
In line 1 of each of the 3 segments for each page I write the day and date (ie Mon 18 and there is also room to note birthdays) with a line drawn on top and under the row for easy separation of the days. Line 2 of the day starts with 9am appointment and each following line stand for one hour time slot ending with 5-6pm.

The Journal starts at the back of the Moleskine®. I turn the notebook and I am able to write as “normal”, it just starts from the back. Again, all pages are numbered. Each entry starts with the date and time and each topic starts with a header which makes it easy to cross reference for easy finding in case I am looking for something.

The last 2 pages (before diary and journal meet) I leave blank for an Index which I create with Excel, listing all the topics and the page numbers. This can also be done at the beginning of the Journal and you leave maybe the first 4 pages empty for it and fill them manually as you go along.

Both the Diary and Journal are meeting up in the middle after about 20-25 weeks and when they get closer it’s time to get a new Moleskine and start scheduling.

Depending on the amount of journaling I do both sections are sometimes meeting up sooner or later.

I have put a few pictures online which might help to understand, please see here:

If you are interested in the template I use for the pages I-V, you can download my template here with instruction on I use it:

Moleskine Template

Moleskine Template

Wish me luck for the competition!

Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

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