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Moleskine® Cover

June 18, 2009
A Fresh start

A Fresh start

I had a prior post about the Moleskine Folio back in February. At the time this product was not yet available and I have shopped around to see if there was something similar available.

And I have found something!

I was in Dublin about 4 weeks ago  and I happened to visit the Muji store where I found a great alternative which is only half the price too.

The notebook cover was originally designed with a diary for 2009 and as we are now well into 2009, they have taken out the diary and are selling the cover on its own.

When you open the zipped notebook cover, you find on the left side six little pockets for your small items, such as stamps, business cards etc. There are also 2 pockets which are accessible from the middle and are the full height of the cover where you can store bigger items such as a letter of your passport.

The Moleskine® itself slides into the back pocket and sits there nicely.

A pocket of the full heights of the cover is available for your items at inner side which replaces the inner pocket of the Moleskine® (as this sits now in the cover pocket). Sitting above this, there is also a zipped case with a see-through fabric at.

At the back side of the cover there is another pocket which is accessible from the outside of the cover. Hand for things you need to store quickly without opening the cover.

Here are some picture (see them also on Flickr)

Moleskine Cover front

Moleskine Cover front

Moleskine Cover Front

Moleskine Cover Front

Moleskine Cover Back

Moleskine Cover Back

Unfortunately the notebook cover is not available online as it’s a out of date product. Please visit your local Muji store to find out availability.


Moleskine ® is a trademark registered by Moleskine S.r.l.

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