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Watch Strap – Thank you Paul!

June 19, 2009
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Diesel_DZ4037I love my Diesel Watch!

BUT – over the last few weeksthe strap has started to fall apart (maybe I should treat it with more care …) and I was looking for a replacement strap.

I went to the stores in my little town and they all wanted to send the watch in to get a quote for the repair … !? I was not happy to do that and looked online ….
I had a few contacts and all were happy to look at it when I send it in ….

AND THEN – I found Paul via Ebay. I emailed him through his eBay Store ( and he came back to that he can order the strap  and send it out to me. At the same time a UK shop replied that they could do the same but for a higher price – hard to believe that a supplier in the US can organise and send this around half the world for less than it seems to be possible within the EU!? And I decided to order with Paul.
I paid him via PayPal and now 3 weeks later I have the new strap in my hands.

During those 3 weeks we were in contact for updates and I can only recommend this seller.
Please support Paul and consider his store on Ebay! He made me happy again!

Many thanks!

Paul’s contact details are here:

eBay Seller ID:     sleeptilnoon
Email:                   allshewants AT
eBay Store :

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