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Getting the most out of your wallet

June 23, 2009

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Would you like to save €€€€’s at the end of this article?

In the current climate we are looking for a while to reduce our outgoings. Here is a list of suggestions how to get more for your money.

  • Shop Around I

When your insurance cover needs renewals for your Car or Home Insurance, start shopping around. Insurance companies make a fortune out your lethargy, so start looking for alternative deals on your credit card, health, motor, life and home insurance. Switching to a cheaper offer could save you lots of money.

  • Shop Around  II

Start Shopping at discount supermarkets, ie Lidl or Aldi. See what selection they have and ditch the more expensive stores. You can easily knock off 30% of your weekly shopping.

  • Find it for FREE

Check out! You cannot go any more frugal than getting rid of things you no longer need and getting other things for free. is offering tons of free items from TV’s to garden tools to Baby cloths.

  • Shopping Around III

Shopping online can save you lots money on everything, electronic goods, furniture and lots more. Check out, or EBay which is a must-visit-site.

  • Electricity Savings

Finally competition has arrived in Ireland and we are able to sign up for better deals with different providers.
Again, shop around for the best deals and you can easily save €100 a year or more.

  • Make It Yourself (MIY)

Instead of buying your lunch every day at the shop around the corner, consider making and bringing your own sandwich for lunch. Imagine you spend a Fiver every day, that equals to 25 a week and about 100 a month. Add your daily coffee from the coffee shop and you could easily save up to 1,700 a year! Would be nice for the long planned holiday, wouldn’t it?

  • Taxes

Depending on your residency, you might be able to submit monthly, quarterly or annual claims on medical expenses, dental costs, local authority charges, waste charges and others. Many countries or counties have introduces reliefs that can be added to your annual allowances. Check your local revenue site for details and submit those claims!

  • Phoney Business

Check the package to which you have subscribed with your mobile phone and landline provider. Does it fit your requirements or is it the wrong deal? An Online Survey that was published in Britain, found that consumers are wasting about €10.75 billion a year on unused free minutes and texts and by being unaware of how many free minutes/texts they are getting for the monthly spend.

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Here is recommendation for you if you really interested in making more savings:

Stop Wasting Your Money (Paperback) by Conor Pope (Author)

Stop Wasting Your Money (Paperback) by Conor Pope (Author)

Product Description
As the economic climate takes a huge turn for the worse, we are all beginning to feel it where it hurts in our pockets. Through his weekly Price Watch feature in the Irish Times, Conor Pope has watched, examined and exposed the worst and the best of what is on offer to Irish consumers. ‘Stop Wasting Your Money 09’ looks at each area of spending in our lives, including Travel, Food, Communications, Financial Services, Entertainment, Children and Childcare, and Transport and offers tips on saving money in each area leading to a handsome pay-off at the end. Spend a tenner on this book, and ultimately save a thousand or more over the course of a year.

About the Author
Conor Pope is a consumer journalist and deputy editor of, the internet portal of the ‘Irish Times’. He is responsible for the ever-popular Pricewatch page, which has appeared every Monday in the ‘Irish Times’ for more than three years. In this page, he reviews products ranging from the most cutting-edge mobile phones and digital cameras to the cheapest pasta sauces and mouthwashes. He is a regular contributor to RTE Radio, Today FM and Newstalk and is a panellist on the new RTE TV show ‘Highly Recommended’.

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