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The Magic Button to Influence People and Yourself

June 30, 2009
Click The Pic

Click The Pic

Only today my friend Linda has posted an article on her site which I want to share with you. With her permission, please read below:

The Magic Button to Influence People and Yourself

By Michael Lee
Author of How To Be An Expert Persuader

Want to know a powerful covert influence tool that allows you to get anything you want – through your own acts or by subconsciously commanding others to render it to you?

It does not take a magician or hypnotist to do it. Even an ordinary individual has the capacity to achieve this covert influence technique through constant practice. Imagine the power if you could just do a simple act and you’ll instantly be able to change your mood or energy level. Just imagine the power of having others do whatever you want them to do without them being consciously aware of it.

When I mention the word oranges, your mind processes the image, your mouth may begin to water, and you may even remember the times when you and your special someone were enjoying and eating the oranges together.

Here’s another example of this covert influence application.

Have you watched a movie that was so touching it made you cry? In one of the movie’s most moving scenes, there was sad background music.

Two months later, you’re listening to the radio. You heard the same sad song from that movie. You suddenly remembered the scene, the actors, the emotions, even the person seated next to you who was also crying two months ago. You felt the sensation all over again. You recollected the sentimental mood because of that same music. This covert influence tactic is known as anchoring.

What is an anchor? An anchor is a compelling and influential connection of something seen, heard, touched, smelled, or tasted with a specific memory or representation.

You associate something experienced in the past with a state correlating to the present.

….To read the full article please go here to Linda’s blog directly.

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