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How to Write a Journal

October 27, 2009

Diary Kept by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, c.1804-1806I have found this little article yesterday on “How to write a Journal” which I want to share with you.

16 little nice and helpful tips and idea how to write and what to write into your Journal.




Step One – A Journal or a Diary?

So, are you keeping a journal, or a diary? That might be a good place to start.

Let’s discuss what the difference is between a journal and a diary. It has often been said that keeping a diary is to simply transcribe daily events in ones life. So if someone were to read your diary they would get a good idea of what has happened in your life.

Journal writing on the other hand is more than just writing down what happened. Journal writing is not simply transcribing the stories of you life, but it includes your feelings about them, your insights on them. In addition journal writing can encompass thoughts, feelings, and opinions on anything, and they don’t have to be sparked by any particular event.

Some people choose to keep multiple journals. One that describes events of their life, with thoughts and feelings attached. Some have journals simply for thoughts, feelings, philosophy, religion, etc. You can have a journal that is dedicated to one of your passions, or if you don’t think you can fill it up quick enough, you can put it all into one all encompassing journal.

Step Two -Where to Start?

Picking out your journal should be fun! Find something that suits your personality, and something that you think reflects you and you life. The story of you life should be recorded on something you like. Personally I like leather journals, they are durable.

Read More here: How to Write a Journal

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