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Journal Writing: the benefits of keeping different kinds of journals

July 21, 2010

by Debra from The Warm Milk Journal.

I “found” this post this morning as it was mentioned in a newsletter that I am subscribed to (Letters & Journals).

Debra describes and shares various ways of keepping a journal. Here are the ideas but please read the full post for all the details.

The Recording Journal: This kind of journal is where you chronicle your daily life.

The Travel Journal: This is a kind of recording journal but warrants a special book of its own.

The Gratitude Journal: We mention this kind of journal quite a bit here at The Warm Milk Journal. What we appreciate appreciates.

The Worry Journal: This is another kind journal that comes up a bit here at The Warm Milk Journal. Many of us are losing sleep at night because our minds just won’t shut off the worries. The idea here is to give our minds a place and time to get all the worries out. List the worries.

The Ideas Journal: You never know when you are going to get inspired and have a terrific idea.

The Spiritual Journal: inspirational quotes, affirmations etc.

The Creative Journal: poetry, doodling, stories, anything fun, wacky. No censoring here.

The Dream Journal: This can be fun. Have a journal by your bedside and when you first wake up, write down any dreams that you remember.

Please visit The Warm Milk Journal for more reading.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format

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